Forecast data

This API delivers metocean data for any location on earth. The data are derived from up to date operational forecast models of regions of interest, including complete global coverage.

The API delivers data for:

  1. Wave height, period and direction of total sea state and swell
  2. Wind speed and direction
  3. Air temperature
  4. Visibility
  5. Sea surface temperature
  6. Ocean surface currents

Forecast data is provided for a 7 day horizon.

Multiple model sources provided

Forecast data can be requested from more than one suite of forecast models. The datasource bundles currently provided are:

  1. Atmospheric and ocean conditions from models run with Global Forecast System (GFS) atmospheric forcing
  2. Atmospheric and ocean conditions from models run with European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (EC) atmospheric forcing

Sites and routes supported

Requests for data can either be made for a single location, or for a series of locations, which represent a route. For a site, the response delivers the data for that single point. For a series of locations, the API service aggregates the data to provide a merged representation along the route. The resulting data therefore represent the forecast conditions experienced by a vessel travelling the route.


The API takes a location or series of sites as query parameters. The API extracts data from the best available models within the requested model source bundle. All data is returned in CF-JSON format.

Check out the API docs here. Examples of API requests are provided here.